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Bed Bug Treatments 

 Most people use to think of bedbugs as a make believe bedtime cliche, “Sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite” truth be told they are very real! Many bed bug infestations are the result of traveling, people pick up bugs in hotel and motel rooms and transport them home in their luggage or on themselves from waiting areas. One may not necessarily see live bed bugs, particularly in a small infestation, since these bugs typically hide during the day in dark protected sites; they are active at night. They often hide near places where their human hosts sleep or rest. A bed bug infestation can be recognized by dark (sometimes rusty) spots of excrement (feces) on sheets and mattresses/box springs, bed clothes, baseboards, and other places where bed bugs hide. Eggshells and shed skins also may be found near their hiding places. A musty odor similar to the scent of stink bugs sometimes can be detected, particularly when bed bug infestations are severe. 

 Bed Bug Habits 
  • Prefer to feed at night on human blood
  • Hide during the day
  • Hide in cracks, crevices and dark places 
  • Cannot fly or Jump, but walk very fast 
  • Can survive several months without feeding if a host is absent 
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