Whats Bugging You?
          There are several different species of spiders in Ohio but only 2 that are poisonous Brown Recluse and Black Widows. Thorough spider control treatment includes treatment on the exterior, interior, attic, and crawl space (if present). Excessive interior clutter, storage, and undisturbed areas can contribute to the magnitude of the spider population. Exterior conditions such as dense vegetation, wood piles, stored items, yard clutter, etc. can also contribute and allow conducive conditions suitable for spiders. Before we make a recommendation to eliminate a spider problem we will try to determine if Brown Recluse or Black Widow Spiders are present. Once this evaluation is made we will recommend a treatment strategy to best solve your problem. Visit our Identify a Pest to help determine the type of spiders that are bugging you!

Spider Control is a 6-step Process.

1.     Inspection:  A through inspection of the building is essential.
    2.     Identification: Accurate identification is important for both pest management and medical reasons.
      3.     Prevention: This consists of making sure that the building is in good physical condition, and properly screened and sealed to reduce entry.
        4.     Sanitation: such practices consists of keeping the premises free of debris such as boxes, papers, clothing, lumber-piles, etc.
          5.     Mechanical Measures: The key to control is the timely mechanical removal of spiders, webs, but especially the egg sac with a vacuum both inside and outside.
            6.     Pesticide Application: if desired, chemical control consists of application of appropriately labeled dusts, wettable powders, micro-encapsulated pesticides in typical spider harborage areas
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