Don’t be deceived by their small size – flies can create huge problems in any food environment! They easily irritate customers, distract employees and can quickly result in regulatory citations. They also carry bacteria and disease organisms, and contaminate food and otherwise clean environments. Flies are more than a nuisance, they can damage your brand.

Flies Carry Diseases

              Flies pose a threat to public health because they carry disease-causing organisms, viruses and bacteria. Flies are linked to the spread of more than 60 human and animal diseases including infectious hepatitis, conjunctivitis and salmonellosis. Fly management is an essential part of disease prevention among humans and animals.

A fly can carry 4 million different bacteria's on its body and over 28 million in its stomach

When Flies Eat

            When a fly lands on food it VOMITS. The digestive juices, enzymes, and saliva in the vomit begin to break down and dissolve the food. The fly can then suck up the liquid food with its sponge-like mouth-parts and its proboscis. If flies eat food from garbage cans or any other source of germy food, some of those germs stick to the fly’s mouth-parts and when the fly vomits on its next snack (your sandwich?), it transfers some of those germs.

Whats The Solution?

             We offer a number of solutions to address this problem. from advise on sanitation to trapping and baiting services. Contact us today for your fly control solutions and let us help protect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to maintain and build.

             The presence of Flies is not only dangerous and unsanitary, it will seriously damage your brand and reputation!
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